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James was interviewed for Rob Carrick's column of January 23, 2007, which referred to him as "one of the country's foremost experts on preferred shares" and quoted as a "top expert" in a December 14, 2007, article. Further commentary and quotations may be found in:


An endorsement from an industry professional is something special - especially when that professional is formally a competitor!. Norbert Schlenker of Libra Investment Management writes:

 I never recommend active management. Until today. Read about my experience with James Hymas as an active manager.
Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but I had done my due diligence. His philosophy harmonized well with my own in most respects. As best I could tell, he and I both believe that it is of long run benefit, particularly in fixed income, to:
  • Commit funds to an asset class as part of a diversified portfolio, and remain fully invested.
  • Focus on security selection and relative value, not timing and absolute value.
  • Measure performance relative to an appropriate benchmark.
  • Get paid to supply liquidity instead of paying to consume it.
I have good reason to be pleased with these results, and am convinced more than ever that Hymas is capable of delivering alpha from his management of Canadian preferred share portfolios. I am happy that I hired him 18 months ago and will continue to use his services.

On a final note, I loathe advertising and I disdain active investing. I realize that the above smells very much like the usual ad for an actively managed fund. I intend no such thing. I am just a happy client, happy to see that my default investing philosophy is wrong in this instance, and happy to recommend Hymas's services to others.



James Hymas has written the following articles of interest to those investigating preferred share investing: