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Hymas Investment Management offers consulting services to retail, institutional and legal accounts with respect to all areas of fixed income investment, including:

  • Preferred Shares
  • Hybrids
  • Bonds
  • Quantitative Analysis (any or all aspects, from design, through programming, to incremental improvements and application)

James Hymas has been managing fixed income investments using quantitative techniques since 1992; but an intelligent investor is more interested in results than experience. With James as COO, his prior firm delivered first quartile bond fund results; Hymas Investment Management's Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund has a superb, public, audited track record. James has also shown his ability to communicate fixed income concepts to both knowledgable and novice investors.

Consulting services are currently available for residents of:

  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba


Retail investors may be advised regarding portfolio construction or modification by Hymas Investment Management Inc.(HIMI), generally with particular emphasis on the preferred share component, if an allocation to this asset class is suitable. Your overall portfolio allocation and goals will be determined and a specific set of trades recommended. Equities and bonds are included in the consultation, usually through low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or the even lower cost replication of these ETFs in accounts of sufficient size. HIMI provides support, as necessary, through the implementation of the plan.

This service is provided for a flat fee of $1500 plus taxes; a year's subscription to PrefLetter - a monthly compilation of recommendations and items of interest to preferred share investors - is included.

Expert witness opinions for lawsuits may also be prepared.


Brokers and other advisors may have model portfolios developed for their clientele, with portfolio constraints adjusted as required to suit your book of business.

Additionally, bulk subscriptions to PrefLetter are available, which will include your name and contact information; a bulk subscription will include a license allowing redistribution of each issue to your clients and prospects.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio advice is available to those who have responsibility for the management of preferred share portfolios, but who cannot devote themselves full-time to the asset class. Such PMs will supply me with the portfolio composition and mandate, and receive updates regarding favourable potential trades.


HIMI is pleased to offer its services to institutions, with a particular focus on smaller asset management firms who may not have dedicated fixed-income personnel.

All aspects of the relationship are negotiable and may be tailored to fit your needs precisely.


Expert witness testimony is available for broker negligence cases and related matters; the intricacies of fixed-income mathematics can also be unravelled. Fees will vary in accordance with the mandate.