Press Coverage

James Hymas has received press coverage in the past, in his former role as portfolio manager for the GBC Canadian Bond Fund. These articles, published in the " Pro's Picks " column of The Globe and Mail, may be viewed on-line through the Globe and Mail's Mutual Fund Web Site. These articles were published April 26, 1997 and July 11, 1998, authored by Andrew Allentuck.

Further coverage was received in June, 2002, after a superb annual return posted by Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund. The story by Dow Jones Newswire is reprinted (PDF, 43KB). Another article (PDF, 40KB) was posted by the Globe and Mail on its website on July 22.

James Hymas has written the following

The following press releases have been issued regarding HIMIPref™, the website and new issue recommendations: