Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund
– Yearly Performance to Third Quarter

Year Ending Unit Price Distributions Return on Fund NB-50 Index Return

September 30, 2002





September 30, 2003





September 30, 2004





September 30, 2005 (Note 1)





September 29, 2006





The rate of return is used only to illustrate the yearly rate of return of the Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund and is not intended to reflect future value of the, or return on investment in the fund. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

Note 1: The fund was managed by James Hymas through Hymas Investment Management Inc. (HIMI) from inception until November, 2004. In that month, Mr. Hymas joined Portus Alternative Asset Management (PAAM) and continued managing the fund through them. Trusteeship of the fund was transferred to PAAM on February 7, 2005. On February 10, 2005, the Ontario Securities Commission ordered PAAM to cease trading for client accounts. On March 4, 2005, PAAM was placed in receivership by the Ontario Securities Commission. On April 29, 2005, a court order removed PAAM as trustee of the fund and reinstated HIMI. The fund recommenced trading in August, 2005, following the re-registration of HIMI with the Ontario Securities Commission.