Authoritative investment advice and portfolio services for investors.

James Hymas, President

Building on years of experience designing quantitative investment technology and applying this technology to conservative portfolios, James Hymas seeks to provide institutions and retail investors with the information and advice necessary to produce top quartile returns in the preferred share market without the assumption of excess risk.

Preferred Shares

Preferred shares can be an excellent substitute for corporate bonds in taxable portfolios, as explained in the publication Why Invest in Preferred Shares? (PDF, 164KB).

Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund

Our flagship preferred share fund, suitable for high-net-worth investors whose income is subject to tax. James Hymas maintains an investment of over 10% of his personal net worth in the fund. Further details and performance records are available.

HIMIPref™ Analytical Software

Independent, quantitative and thoroughly documented software for the analysis of the preferred share market, fully customizable to institutional portfolios and producing precise trading recommendations is now available to registered ICPM's and IDA Members. Visit for an introduction to the analysis.